Friday, August 13, 2010

August 13! A happy happy day!

6 years ago today.... my baby boy was born. He was born with failure to thrive and other health problems including lung disease. He had to fight from the moment he was born. We have spent so much time in the hospital that he thinks it is a "fun, cool" place to visit. With all of the needles, CT scans, surgeries and more, my baby has remained such a happy delightful boy. I remember praying to God that he would make it to his 1st birthday. I was so thankful and yet cried because he couldn't "eat" cake on his first birthday since he had a feeding tube at that time.

And now, my Isaac is turning 6! The doctors say that he is truly a miracle child. They cannot explain how he survived what he has survived. Lets just say that I am a firm believer in prayer! Isaac is now about to go to Kindergarten (again!), his feeding tube is gone (and he eats like a football player!), he loves to do arts and crafts in my craft room, his greatest joy is Toy Story 3 and he hugs me all of the time. His favorite thing to do is write me little notes on post-its that he carries around that say "I love you, mom". Even though, we will always have certain issues to worry about and Isaac is still very much underweight, I just want to scream "God is great!" I have everything I need in life... and I am so thankful!

Thanks for reading the ramblings of a happy and thankful mommy!

Happy Birthday, Isaac Joseph!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Curtain Call Color Challenge #41

I decided I had to make a card even though my dominant hand is in a sling. I knew that I could not possibly make it another 3 weeks.... I just love the colors used in this challenge. I just couldn't get a good picture with my arm the way it is. Oh well, it was therapy for me!! All products are Stampin' Up! I couldn't wait to use this "Because I care" stamp set. It is gorgeous!


Linen Thread