Friday, August 13, 2010

August 13! A happy happy day!

6 years ago today.... my baby boy was born. He was born with failure to thrive and other health problems including lung disease. He had to fight from the moment he was born. We have spent so much time in the hospital that he thinks it is a "fun, cool" place to visit. With all of the needles, CT scans, surgeries and more, my baby has remained such a happy delightful boy. I remember praying to God that he would make it to his 1st birthday. I was so thankful and yet cried because he couldn't "eat" cake on his first birthday since he had a feeding tube at that time.

And now, my Isaac is turning 6! The doctors say that he is truly a miracle child. They cannot explain how he survived what he has survived. Lets just say that I am a firm believer in prayer! Isaac is now about to go to Kindergarten (again!), his feeding tube is gone (and he eats like a football player!), he loves to do arts and crafts in my craft room, his greatest joy is Toy Story 3 and he hugs me all of the time. His favorite thing to do is write me little notes on post-its that he carries around that say "I love you, mom". Even though, we will always have certain issues to worry about and Isaac is still very much underweight, I just want to scream "God is great!" I have everything I need in life... and I am so thankful!

Thanks for reading the ramblings of a happy and thankful mommy!

Happy Birthday, Isaac Joseph!


  1. Happy birthday Isaac!!. Have a great day and hope you have lots of fab pressies and lots of yummy cake :o)
    Thank you Jamie for sharing your fantastic news about your son.
    Take care love Vicky xx

  2. Thank you so much, Vicky! He has a long list of presents that he wants... all Toy Story related! He will be very happy! Hugs!

  3. I am so glad he is doing so good. Tell him to have a very happy birthday and many more.

  4. amazing story - have a fun birthday day!

  5. Thanks for sharing! I'll be praying for you and your family!!! God is so good!

  6. Hi dear. What a heart warming story about your son. I can see your joy and thankfulness. God is good. And he has such a great smile.

    Thanks for sharing abit about your life and blessing my day.
    Take care, Pauline

  7. What a bright ray of sunshine God has given you! I just became a follower through SC. I hope you will follow me, too!

  8. Your little Isaac is such a cutey pie, and so special. Wish him a happy birthday, and thanks for sharing his "miracle" story. I wish him continued health and happiness for his birthday!
    I just became a follower through SC. I hope you will follow me, too!

  9. Not only do I believe in prayer, but I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and I know He listens to our request and answers prayers.

    So happy to hear about the good news about your son.
    Just stopping by to let you know that I am now following you from Stampin' Connection.
    Hope you will follow me too at

  10. Hi Jamie, What a wonderful story about your son! God is so good :) Please tell him happy birthday. I was in the swap Kotie just did with you! I'm following you now from SC...hope you follow me at

  11. What a blessing and adorable boy!!! God has great plans for your little one!!! ;)
    Following from SC!!!
    Stay Blessed!!!

  12. What a touching story. I'm so glad he's doing well! I'm so happy for you and your family! Children are truly a gift from God! Your story brought tears of happiness to my eyes that he's doing so well. God bless.


  13. Bless his little heart!
    I too have a lil' boy with respitory problems. 3 surgeries before the age of 2... but now a thriving 9 year old.
    God's peace to you and your family.
    Following you from SC!
    Andrea Beasley -

  14. Jamie - Your story brought tears to my eyes. So happy for your miracle and for the wonderful celebration of you son's 6th birthday. May God continue to bless him and your family with many more years of beautiful memories.
    Following you from SC.

  15. Wonderful story! Great blog! Looking forward to following along from VA! :)

  16. Thank you for that remimder. I too have a son named Isaac and he is also 6. He can be a huge pain sometimes, but I'm thankful for reminders like yours of how truly blessed I am especially when he's being difficult. You and your family will be kept in my prayers. May God continue to bless you all. He's a beautiful boy! I am no following you from SC.