Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Dream Class!

Back in August, I had the wonderful experience of attending a class taught by Jennifer McGuire.  Jennifer was one of the first people that I followed when I became interested in making cards.  She is full of inspiration and technique. 

I had the best time at this class with my bestie, Dorothy.  It was super fast-paced; but, I learned A LOT!  Great news is that these techniques that I learned can totally be used with my favorite products from Stampin' Up!  Now that my shoulder is becoming functional again.... I can't wait to put these lessons into action!

This picture is not so great; but, I was recovering from my shoulder surgery and didn't have a lot of use out of my right arm.  You should have seen me trying to make cards! 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Yes! I do love My Digital Studio!

The more that I play with MDS... the more I am in love! I loved creating this page of my son Isaac on his first day of Kindergarten this year.

Isaac missed a lot of school due to his health problems in pre-K and Kindergarten; so, as a family, we decided to have him repeat Kindergarten. I was so worried at how he would feel this year on the first day of school. I knew he would see his friends go on to first grade and he would be returning to Kindergarten. I am so grateful that he did amazingly. He shows me over and over that he is a warrior boy! He took that picture with his favorite monkey and then ran in to put it in the house. After the kids got on the bus, I walked back into the house and saw that monkey thrown on the steps. It felt like he was going to school for the first time! It seems like he was just born and it hurt my heart to have him go off without me AGAIN! But, I couldn't stop there. I drove my car to the school to capture his arrival. All Kindergarten students meet in the gym. While he was waiting, he saw me and tried to make a heart symbol with his little hands. Once again, my heart crashed into the rest of my body! But, he was so cute because he was the only one who knew all of the routines. Every morning the kids recite the "HAWK" rules while making a HAWK sign with their hands. I captured him walking down the hall reciting the rules with his little hawk signal. And, I knew that we would all be okay!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

My 1st Attempt at My Digital Studio!

I have had a lot of fun playing with My Digital Studio from Stampin' Up! I think this could become an addiction. I used a template for this one; but, I can't wait to make a page from scratch.

This page features the day my girls and I spent in Washington, DC on September 12. We participated in a "Unity Walk" to honor and remember the victims of the September 11 attacks on our country. We got to learn about many different religions and cultures. We had such a great time... and, it was Sarina's birthday too! Since Sarina was born the day after the anniversary of September 11, we decided to name her "Sarina" because it means "peace". We are so hopeful that she will see peace in her lifetime!

Peace and love to all!

Friday, August 13, 2010

August 13! A happy happy day!

6 years ago today.... my baby boy was born. He was born with failure to thrive and other health problems including lung disease. He had to fight from the moment he was born. We have spent so much time in the hospital that he thinks it is a "fun, cool" place to visit. With all of the needles, CT scans, surgeries and more, my baby has remained such a happy delightful boy. I remember praying to God that he would make it to his 1st birthday. I was so thankful and yet cried because he couldn't "eat" cake on his first birthday since he had a feeding tube at that time.

And now, my Isaac is turning 6! The doctors say that he is truly a miracle child. They cannot explain how he survived what he has survived. Lets just say that I am a firm believer in prayer! Isaac is now about to go to Kindergarten (again!), his feeding tube is gone (and he eats like a football player!), he loves to do arts and crafts in my craft room, his greatest joy is Toy Story 3 and he hugs me all of the time. His favorite thing to do is write me little notes on post-its that he carries around that say "I love you, mom". Even though, we will always have certain issues to worry about and Isaac is still very much underweight, I just want to scream "God is great!" I have everything I need in life... and I am so thankful!

Thanks for reading the ramblings of a happy and thankful mommy!

Happy Birthday, Isaac Joseph!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Curtain Call Color Challenge #41

I decided I had to make a card even though my dominant hand is in a sling. I knew that I could not possibly make it another 3 weeks.... I just love the colors used in this challenge. I just couldn't get a good picture with my arm the way it is. Oh well, it was therapy for me!! All products are Stampin' Up! I couldn't wait to use this "Because I care" stamp set. It is gorgeous!


Linen Thread

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Throwback Thursday Challenge: Wild Card AND Cricut Cardz

So sad.... my Gypsy froze a few days ago! Luckily, customer service at Provocraft was great and got me a fedex ticket quickly. I am hoping to have my new Gypsy this week. I had several things planned; but, oh well!

This card is for Emma's Throwback Thursday Challenge using Wild Card and Cricut Cardz Challenge. For Throwback Thursday, I chose Valentine's Day as my favorite holiday. I love celebrating Valentine's Day with my babies! I just love a day to just celebrate relationships! I also just love making valentine's day goodies for my kids' friends also.

Sadly, I am having surgery on my right shoulder on Wednesday. I think this may be my last challenge for awhile. Guess I will be busy blog hopping! Good thing there are so many creative people in the crafting world!!

Peace and Love!


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Throwback Thursday Challenge: Zoobaloo

Submitting another project for the Throwback Thursday Challenge with My Creative Time with Emma! Love this challenge!!

Can't believe I am posting this so close to the deadline again! I actually had my page completed on Thursday evening and just put off taking the picture.... then, I couldn't get a good picture! Ughh! Oh well, I had fun playing with my Gypsy and learned a bit too. I also waisted A LOT of paper (especially on the grass!!)

The most important thing that I learned is to consider the paper you will be using when you design your layout on the Gypsy. For example, I put the palm tree and base layer of the animals on the same layer. The paper for the animals was extremely thin and the palm tree was thick. So, I would either rip the animals or not cut through the palm tree. Lesson learned! Next challenge for me... play with my new Peachy Keen stamps!

As for the picture... I was tempted to put a "cute" picture of my son on the layout; but, then I finally chose the picture that was taken as soon as they held him up and said, "It's a boy!". Maybe, I will show this picture at his wedding one day :)

Thanks for looking!

Peace and Love!


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Challenge Card: Cricut Cardz and Cupcake Craft

I am so so happy that I finally got my Gypsy and got the uploads working. This is my first project using the Gypsy; and I told my husband that this may be my 4th child! I LOVE it! I made this card for the Cardz TV Christmas in July Challenge #1. The only colors that could be used were pink, red, green, black and white. This stumped me for a while; but, I finished it! :)
I also decided to use this card for the Cupcake craft challenge. Since, ice skating is a favorite sport in our household!!
I decided to make a card that could be used as a Christmas tree ornament. Normally, I would have my kids pose for a nice picture; but, my girls are at camp. Note to self.... take more shots of all 3 together!!

I used Winter Woodlands for the ice skater. I chose this because my daughters love to ice skate and are in a production every December. I used liquid glass on the ice skates and "puffy" paint on the trim and cuffs of the dress. I used Wild Card for the card base and layer. The layer was also a card which I cut and used half on the front and half on the back.

This was a great challenge since it was over 100 degrees in Maryland today. I had to "think" ice to stay alive! :)

Thanks for stopping by!!

Peace and Love!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Throwback Thursday Challenge: My 1st Challenge!

I finally decided to complete a challenge. I really love "My Creative Time" with Emma. I have learned SO much from watching her tutorials!! So, I decided that I wanted my first challenge to be hers. My son has had a pretty serious bout with pneumonia; so, I haven't had as much time as I would like to work on it. I vowed I would start taking some time for myself; so, no matter how simple it is.... at least I did it!

The challenge was to do a project having something to do with a baby. I didn't have New Arrival; so, I used Paper doll dress-up. I wanted my doll to look like a baby; so, I cut my base at 5 inches and then did a blackout for the lion's mane. I cut the head away from the body and then punched a hole in the blackout portion to put the head behind. That way I didn't have to cut hair. The font is Zoobaloo.

This layout is special to me because my son has spent a lot of his life in the hospital. I remember that Halloween day, he was doing so well. I chose for him to dress up as a lion because he had a huge head of curly hair and looked like a little lion cub. He also has the longest eyelashes, rosiest cheeks and lips! I love that little cub!

Girl Scout Badge Project

As a Girl Scout leader, I have to come up with a way to present the girls with their badges. For the final badge ceremony, this is how I awarded the fun badges. I used the first letter of each girls name and printed the Girl Scout Law. Many of the girls have taken the badges off to put on their vests and then put the layout in a 12x12 frame.

3rd set of teacher cards

I finally finished the last set of teacher cards. I decided to make another project for the other 2 teachers. My son has been ill; so, I am so late in finishing these. Luckily, he is attending Summer Academy at his school, so I still have a few days to get the teachers these gifts. :)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Another set of teacher cards

Finished another set of note cards for my daughter's teacher. 3 more teachers to go! I am having a great time playing with the create a critter cricut cartridge!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

End of year Teacher Gifts

This year I decided to make a packet of notecards for each of my childrens' teachers.... only I wasn't thinking that this meant 5 teachers since 2 of my children have 2 teachers. So, here is my first set for my daughter's teacher who loves ladybugs. I used the create a critter cricut cartridge. I made a set of 20. Okay, now on to teacher number 2.